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You would not believe how badly Heresy has been hammered since Kickstarter launched. All those projects being run by big well-funded companies that don't need the money suck the hobby money out of people's Paypal accounts and leave none for us poor one-man shows that could really do with the cash! Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! So I'm taking the opportunity that is Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to pay for the silicon etc I ned to reproduce all the old big monsters that Heresy used to produce in metal before it got silly expensive a few years back.

Including the much sought after and rare Netherlord mk 1 in both winged and spined variants!

Yes, the most iconic of all heresy figures (other than Big Boris) is making a comeback, and all those of you who've pestered me over the years can finally have your chance to own one - with the big difference that this one is much, much easier to put together and much nicer to paint! I've tweaked it just enough so that you don't have to spend three weeks working out how to pin and assemble 30-odd parts - it's a beauty to put together now! But it eats the rubber moulds at three times the rate of regular models, so it's only available for a very limited time. Don't miss out, this will be your only chance to get that NetherLord you missed out on a few years back!

The main aim of the Kickstarter is to raise enough funds to be able to close the shop for a few months to concentrate on casting dragons and monsters or maybe hire some staff to speed things up, so be warned that if it's really successful, you might not be able to order anything via the shop for a bit... ;)


Last year, a man from Iowa City, let's call him Justin, ordered some figures off me. He then emailed me to say they hadn't arrived. I sent him another box. He then said this hadn't arrived either and claimed the money back from Paypal. No boxes were ever returned to me. He didn't pay for trackable shipping so i had no way to prove he'd had either box. End result, I was out over £100 of stock and £25 of shipping.

Now a man called, let's say, Patrick also from Iowa City, has claimed via Paypal that his £84 order hasn't arrived that he wanted in time for this weekend; he didn't pay for express shipping DESPITE WANTING IT FOR A SET DATE. Despite also the fact it's only been three weeks, he has escalated it to a claim on Paypal. Just checked him out on Facebook. Guess who's on his friends list? That's right, Justin.

So basically I'm being ripped off for another £100 of stock and shipping, and now I'm going to have to change the cart so that anyone from overseas has to pay the extra £7.00 shipping charge for trackable shipping. Everyone loses. Well done, Patrick and Justin. I hope you feel like powerful manly men playing with your stolen toys. You've made life that little bit worse for me and for all my customers.

(Paypal always finds in favour of buyers no matter what proof of shipping one has, they don't even read the evidence.)

I have now added a £7.00 handling fee to orders from 'Rest Of The World' countries, which covers USA, Canada, Australia and The Far East. This means any order from there will pay £7.00 extra which will cover the trackable/signed for service to their country. If you're one of my regular customers from over the years, I will refund the extra fee or give you extra miniatures towards the cost if you wish. I don't see why the people who've kept me in business should suffer for the ones who try to put me out of it.

Again, apologies for this, but it seems to be the times we live in now.

~Andy Foster


Heresy Miniatures Ltd



For those blissfully unaware, the Dragon has been a millstone around Heresy's neck in the swimming pool of business for the last three or four years, due to to constant problems firstly with finishing the damn thing and then with getting production castings of it meaning that every time I made a promise it ended up being broken due to lack of Dragons to send out. This ended up with 170 people waiting for a Dragon at the point of time in writing.
The only way to fix this was to invest in the equipment and practice of casting the beast in resin myself, which I undertook to start in August 2013 and I have recently finally successfully cast the piece that was causing most problems - the torso, with spines fixed in place (after several re-modellings and faield attempts). This means the rest of the dragon is now just a matter  of moulding and casting. Because I am a one-man business these days, this means that to take the time to make the moulds and cast dragons I have to take time away from packing the regular orders.


But look at it this way, you won't have been waiting four years to get your frigging Dragon, like the people who have. I apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused in the intitial stages of this Dragon rescue operation that results in delays to your own non-Dragon orders. Once all the moulds are made and casting is a regular thing that I don't have to even think about it anymore because it's as natural to me as casting metal figures, there shouldn't be very much impact on the regular orders at all.

Until then, I'll keep the 20% discount in play so at least you're being compensated for any delays!

Please note, if you choose Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, Airsure or International Signed For as your shipping options, that doesn't mean you get your order packed faster, unfortunately (unless you email me and tell me it's for some ultra urgent occasion) - but it does mean that once it IS shipped, it will arrive faster (except Recorded Delivery, that's still only as fast as Royal Mail's First Class service pretends to be)

All the best

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd

PS  When you place an order, you can check your customer account online to see if it has shipped yet - I will update the order status from "Paid For, Awaiting Packing" to "Shipped" when it has. Please allow some extra time due to the delays!



17th January 2014: SALE STILL STILL ON!

I have in fact caught up with the backlog of orders from the Christmas break, but now I have to take another week off to pay proper attention to the Dragon moulds again. Been ages since I've had the opportunity and money to try a new mould, so I'm doing that next week. I was doing this once a month or so before the Christmas gauntlet period began, and have been itching to get back to it. So with Salute fast approaching (12 weeks today until the big show!) I have one last chance to take a week to do Dragon stuff before I have to then spend my time casting stock of everything else, to take to the show...

So in summary: NO ORDERS SHIPPING THIS NEXT WEEK but you still get 20% off on any miniatures you order during this time.


6th January 2014: SALE STILL ON!

I'm back at work, there's a big pile of orders to get through, so until I've caught up I'm extending the 20% sale offer! I'll let you know nearer the time when it will now end! I suspect there's a good three or maybe four weeks of catching up to do... please bear with me whilst I work my way to your order, there's only one of me...

Happy New Year!





Troopers Pack 1
Troopers Pack 1
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