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This figure is one of several kits that meet one of or more of the following criteria:

  • The model may be considered ‘old’ now and is due a re-sculpt
  • Due to it’s size, when cast in metal it’s very heavy and therefore very expensive,
  • It may have a great many parts or is a bit tricky to mould and cast due to size.

Because of any of these reasons, at some point in the near future, this model will be discontinued in metal for general sale, and will be replaced with a version produced in resin.

You have been warned!



Occulaks are a parasitic demon that infect other creatures within the dungeons of the mortal realm. In their own bodies, they look like tiny worms with a single giant eye at the front of their wriggly bodies. they enter unwary victims bodies through any available orifice, usually when the victim is asleep or otherwise unable to move. Once infected a host creature slowly mutates into a giant, bloated, floating head often with a single central eye, surrounded by up to several dozen eyeballs on stalks. The more powerful the possessing Occulak demon, the more eyeballs it manifests. The most powerful Occulaks have many dozens of eyes in the main head itself too - each of which, it is said, can destroy a man's mind with a mere glance.

Pack contents - upper body, lower body, lots of eyes. Each Occulak model comes with at least 20 eyes, as sprues are random and contain differing amounts of eyes. Lots of pinning required for those eyes!


Sculpted by Andy Foster

Multi-part (lead-free tin alloy) metal figure kit: as with all kits of this kind it requires pinning, gluing and some gap-filling to smooth over some joins.

All figures supplied Unpainted and Unassembled!

Miniatures, artwork and images ©Heresy Miniatures Ltd. All rights reserved.

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