Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I get the old, old Netherlord any more (The one that stood upright, with the hairy chest and which was really, really difficult to put together and cast and ate up all the moulds consistently)? I saw it on an internet site but I can’t find it on the Heresy site...

No, I’m afraid not. The Mark I Netherlord went out of production for good about a year before the new Netherlord Mark II was released. The reasons were that:
 i) It was a mould-eater. Literally the component parts wore out the rubber moulds, used to cast them, so quickly that it seemed I was forever simply remaking moulds for the NL1.
ii) Due to reductions in dimensions caused by the mere process of mastering the original greens, the NL1 was insanely hard to put together and required lots of filling/scratchbuilding to get the legs to fit. Also the left leg was skewiff, and didn’t lie flat on the ground like it was supposed to.
iii) It took me all day, ALL DAY, to cast up 10 netherlords. It was on so many moulds and it flashed to buggery after 1 or 2 spins because the parts were so big, so lots of spins were wasted every time.
All in all, the NL2 is a much more advanced sculpt, in a great action pose to boot, and which does at least fit together properly. (Not saying it’s easy, but that’s why it’s called an ‘expert kit’)

2) Ah, but you must still have the moulds for the NL1 and I’m sure you could sneakily cast me one up. I won’t tell anyone, honest!

Sorry. I really can’t . The moulds really were thrown out. With gusto, I might add. It is most definitely Out Of Production (aka OOP). It occasionally turns up on eBay. Keep your eyes peeled.

3) What if I paid you a bit of extra money? Bet you could make me one then?

For chri – look, it’s not possible, m’kay? The moulds were destroyed, m’kay? It is Out of Production. It is dead. It has ceased to be. It has shuffled off it’s mortal coil. It has gone to the big melting pot in the ground. It is an Ex-Netherlord. It’s dead, Dave, everyone’s dead Dave, they’re all dead, Dave!!
Truly, honestly, deeply. Can’t make you another one, not even from the master metal parts, because they had to be greenstuffed up every time I made a new production mould, just to try to get them to fit better after the moulding process. And I DO NOT intend to sell the master metal parts. DO NOT even ask me.

4) Oh. OK. How about the Limited Edition Strolling Thrud? Can you get me one of them?

Don’t make me come over there. He’s OOP too. Hence the name, Limited Edition.  Sold out in less than 3 weeks at the time of release. Incidentally, the NL2 is a Limited Edition too, albeit a rather hefty number, but I expect him to sell out in the next 3 years. Don't come crying to me if you want one after he's gone. Same goes for the Tunnel Dweller.

5) OK, OK. A different question. What are the miniatures made of? Are they metal, plastic or resin?

All the figures are made out of a lead-free tin-based alloy, except where noted such as the Ltd Edition Resin Thrud Statue. In most cases they are also multi-part, which means you should pin parts together using a drill of some sort, some wire, and superglue. A little procreate or greenstuff putty to fill in the joins and any gaps. I recommend this plus Superglue Accelerator. Especially for things like the Netherlord II. Often  the figures  include alternate heads, arms or other options so you can build a slightly different figure from one that is pictured. I aim my range at modellers and converters like myself.

6) Can I pay by Paypal?

Yes. It’s integrated into the shopping cart so just order by clicking on the various Buy it Now links, and then choose Pay by Paypal when the shopping cart asks you to. If for some reasonyou want to place a seaprate order without using the cart, send your payment to

7) I don’t have a paypal account! Can I pay in any other way?

Er, yes...yes you can. I take all sort of cards (except American Express and Visa Electron). So you should have no problems paying. You can also pay by UK cheque or Postal Order (Not overseas ones as my Bank likes to charge me £5.00 to £8.00 for the pleasure of receiving foreign payments. If you are making a large order and need to wire the money via bank transfer, email me and I can sort out the numbers you need.

9) Can I get your models in my local country?

Possibly. Ask your usual supplier if they can order them in. But it's very easy to order direct, we cast up anything needed for your order straight away and you may find that shipping costs may well be less than your usual local supplier charges anyway!

10) A model is listed on the site as Limited Edition. Are there any left?

Yes! There are. When they get to only a handful left, I will mark it as so on the site or remove the item completely. If you somehow order something that has sold out, I will refund your money.

11) I’d REALLY like a Netherlord mark I. Can I buy one off you?


At some point i will get a resin version of both Netherlords I and II available to you all. But I'll let you know when that happens. Put yourself down on the newsletter to be informed of this! Don't bother emailing to ask when this will happen, I don't know!

12) Did you used to work as a sculptor anywhere else?

No. Self-taught. But I did pick up a few helpful hints here and there. Still do!

13) Do you do commissions?

Not at this time, no. Sorry. If you make a really evocative request that would fit in with my range, then I may make something you've asked for to sell myself, in which case you will get kudos, a 'designed by' credit if you drew a picture, and a few castings of each model made based on your suggestion

14) Hasslefree have a section called White Metal where amateur sculptors can get their work turned into production models. Do you do this?

I don't have a special range for it. If you make a model and show it to me and I like it enough to sell it, I will buy it off you and put it in the main range! Mike Thorp's Monstrous Spider was an example of this, leading to Mike doing other work for me... Email me pictures of your work at one of my usual email addresses. As long as your style fits in with what i'm trying to do, eg no Big Head Syndrome and has similar proportions to my own figs, and is up to scratch in terms of detail and finish, I'm all ears. Monsters are always especially welcome.

15) I see you ship worldwide. Do you ship to the [USA/Belgium/Russia/etc]?

Yes. I ship worldwide. That includes your country. Some countries are best to choose insured mail, though.

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